The Milk Exchange

A female lead community, modernising wet nursing.


It’s a tale as old as time that parenthood is incredibly confusing, difficult and rewarding. In a self-fulfilling cycle, social conventions exacerbate the pressure on parents, making things generally all the more perplexing.

Here in the UK, our awkward norms result in a decline in familial mental and physical well-being; we have some of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world and a devastating and disproportionate decline in economic opportunities for women, as they enter motherhood.


We are creating the missing “village”. A community without the frills of pretentiousness and cupcake baking. Nurturing relationships with our followers, based on knowledge, trust and empowerment, the network is a safe space for parents to be their authentic selves; we are all fun, sassy and weird to various degrees. We all have stories and skills to share.

We offer quality-assured breastmilk direct from sound partnerships with wet nurses, providing advanced infant outcomes, which benefit families, emotionally and economically.


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