For almost 200 years, King’s College London has been striving to improve the world. Since 1829, our university has been bursting with talented, innovative and entrepreneurial people, solving problems and identifying new opportunities.

Entrepreneurial minds at King’s have influenced many of the advances that shape modern life, including the discovery of the structure of DNA.

Entrepreneurship continues to grow in popularity and has never been more vital. With new and complicated challenges emerging, entrepreneurs imagine what could be.

King’s Entrepreneurship Institute

At the Entrepreneurship Institute, we develop entrepreneurial mindsets to support any career or future. Entrepreneurial skills such as – disruptive thinking, compelling communication, building diverse teams and getting things done – are the foundation for creating great problem solvers.


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Since 2016, King’s has supported thousands of students, staff and alumni to become more entrepreneurial, through skill development and the acceleration of ideas. Many founded start-ups including Hackajob, VEED, OBRIZUM, C the Signs and Panakeia, contributing to economic growth and driving social change.


Launched in 2023, Innovation@King’s is a new function, supporting King’s research community to explore the commercial and business potential of academic research.

Bringing together expertise from Translational Research Support, Intellectual Property & Licensing and the Industry Partnerships Team, with close support from Research Strategy and Development, Innovation@King’s aims to harness the potential of King’s innovation and propel it forward.