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An innovation allowing the assessment and education of gold-standard hand-hygiene techniques in real-time!


Lack of hand hygiene and education in the general public is ever more important now, given the current pandemic and the rate of infectious disease spreads!

People are now more hygiene-conscious & clean their hands more often, but don’t know the best techniques and how to get the best cleanliness results.

Our survey results showed that 82% were NOT confident in how clean their hands were after washing in public.


Our Smartwash unit consists of a unique soap formulation containing our special UV-activated pigment. The individual would use this soap and wash their hands as they would normally. The individual can then dry their hands using a dryer and place their hands under our UV Lightbox, where the light will shine on their hands and show a contrast between well-washed/scrubbed and unscrubbed areas.

The individual would be able to see areas of neglect upon doing this and see where they have missed or not washed well. The unit would have displays/a digital interface that can allow for tracking and analytics of hand washing progress and technique over time. The display can also show the user how to ensure they cover all areas for next time.

This is a bathroom unit and would be designed for public bathrooms. We also endeavour to provide the unit for home bathrooms and for individuals.


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