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Rev.eye.talise Robotics

Micro-surgical robotics that deliver regenerative therapies to the human retina.


As one of the major limitations of regenerative retinal therapy treatments is their delivery, we have been working on a flexible robotic system to boost the capabilities of surgeons and clinical outcomes. Our system offers wrist-like dexterity within the confined space of the eye, allowing tissue manipulation from preferential directions. This meets the requirement for micrometer scale manipulation in addition to optimising the injectors angle of attack to the targeted tissue. Miniaturised fibre-based technology affords the system with micro-scale force sensing for haptic feedback, and forward imaging. The plurality of sensors and enhanced dexterity, contrary to holding a straight instrument, allows for targeted safe delivery of regenerative therapies anywhere within the retina.


Our system has tools that are computationally optimised to offer wrist-like dexterity near the human retina. No other system has this capability.
Our system tightly integrates mechatronics with AI-assisted interventional image analysis. This offers advanced visualisation capabilities, supports surgical dexterity, and sets the stage for system autonomy and stabilisation.


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