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Skills-based talent marketplace providing a new framework for a candidate’s professional identity.


PitchMe’s skills-based talent marketplace adds value to both job seekers, as well as employers and recruiters looking to hire those candidates who will be the best fit for the role they’re looking to fill. So far, most of the technologies that have been used in order to recruit people, specifically at the stages of pre-screening, shortlisting and assessment of candidates, relied on an analysis of the employment history, as manifested in the candidate’s resume. When finding the right candidate for an open role, CVs don’t always offer a view into the full spectrum of a candidate’s skills. By replacing the traditional CV with PitchMe’s digital skills-based ‘SmartMe profile’, which incorporates a candidate’s work history, qualifications, and hard and soft skills with secondary source data from a digital source of the candidate’s choosing, the result is a better pairing of candidates with positions based on the exact skills needed for each particular role. That contributed to inequality around employment opportunities and limited not only the capacity of some candidates to get jobs that match their skills but also the capacity of companies to find and hire the best candidates for their needs.


Using its AI-driven SmartMe profiling technology, PitchMe combines employment and education data with pre-existing user data (chosen by each user — e.g., Twitter/LinkedIn profile, GitHub or personal website) to extract information on their skills, thereby creating a SmartMe profile of each candidate, which provides a comprehensive view of the candidate’s relevant skills, while anonymising factors such as race and gender, which often lead to unconscious bias in hiring. Because SmartMe includes soft skills as well as hard skills in its candidate profiles, a better view of each candidate is created, and more accurate matches can therefore be made against relevant job roles. Both, job seekers and employers, benefit from PitchMe by being assured that the right skills are matched with the right position, minimising poor-fit hires and missed opportunities to hire the right people. PitchMe also offers jobseekers the opportunity to add to their skills by completing the courses and training made available with educational partners on their platform.


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