New Motion Labs

Frictionless mechanical power transmission for the next generation of mobility and automation products.


For centuries, mobility and automation have been reliant on 3 technologies: 1) the belt drive, 2) the roller chain, and 3) the gear drive. Due to their design, they all transfer power by ‘pulling’ or ‘pushing’ on a single side of a sprockets tooth. This inherent design flaw limits the efficiency, lifetime and strength of these systems across all applications, from Cycling, to eBikes, to Automotive and Industrial use-cases.


Introducing ENDUO technology – a revolutionary method of transferring power more efficiently and effectively by engaging on both sides of a sprocket tooth. This means less power is wasted through movement and friction during power transfer, enabling stronger, more durable and efficient drivetrains. With ENDUO, cyclists can ride faster and win races, eBikes can last longer without replacement and maintenance, and factories can run for longer without downtime.


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