Hello Robotics

Solving last mile delivery issues today to have deliveries in a blink of an eye tomorrow.


Nobody gets their deliveries in a blink of an eye, predominantly because of a number of manual processes that delivery packages need to go through before reaching your hands. The problem Hello Robotics focuses on today is the manual process of receiving packages from the courier which result in a $30 billion annual loss in the industry in the US and UK from missed delivery, missing packages and porch pirates.


Today’s controlled warehouse for delivery companies can be extended to the customer’s front door with the technology of our smart delivery box which ensures 100% fulfilled deliveries on the first attempt to avoid redelivery. Our product also provides the ultimate proof of delivery data that the industry is missing to prevent lost packages and collect more data to improve overall operational efficiency. Our product can combat porch pirates while future-proofing last mile delivery systems since it is securely designed to accept deliveries from road and aerial drones to reach our goal of providing instant delivery services.


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