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Early cardiac screening using a small-scaled device and embedded novel algorithm.


Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of human mortality, accounting for approximately 30% of deaths. Early screening plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of cardiac disease progression. However, current screening relies on doctors conducting auscultation and interpreting electrocardiograms, necessitating in-person appointments between patients and doctors. Scheduling of appointments and travelling back and forth adds invisible burdens to patients. Additionally, doctor’s auscultation relies primarily on listening ability and clinical experience, which may lead to misdiagnosis or unnecessary follow-up examinations. Therefore, there is a need for a low-cost and convenient solution that supports remote auscultation and has diagnostic assistance capabilities to improve this situation.


HearTech+ focuses on designing inexpensive and portable devices, even utilising smartphones, for the collection of heart signals. We employ embedded or cloud-based AI algorithms for the initial and auxiliary screening of signals. This system will be useful in low-income and remote areas where obtaining advanced diagnostic tools is a significant challenge.


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