Conduit Bio (Previously Crossr)

The data and AI environment for precision drug discovery.


Data sources can now be generated that represent the complexity of the human body and diseases at a genetic and molecular level. However, such data sets are incredibly complex and highly connected and wet lab scientists who rely on the data don’t know the coding languages (such as R and Python) to analyse it. This creates huge organisational bottlenecks where requests need to be made to bioinformaticians, which can take on average 3 weeks to return results. The aggregate of all of these inefficiencies means opportunities are missed to create ever more precise and safe medicines for patients.


We have built a no code platform that allows a wet lab scientist to conduct analysis of knowledge graphs/ experimental data and view outputs of recommender and ML algorithms in one space. The highly connected data infrastructure and user friendly interface allows a scientist to gain insights rapidly without context shift between databases or clunky analytics tools. This reduces time to insight 100X and paves the way for teams to speed up their R&D exponentially driving more precision medicines to patients faster. We believe we can save pharmaceutical companies 10,000s of scientist/bioinformatician hours and over £1M in costs.


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