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Innovative medical technologies for Menopause.


Hot Flashes are sudden sensations of intense heat, causing sweating and flushing of the skin due to a decline in reproductive hormones in a female’s body (menopause). They are usually felt in the upper body, most intensely over the face, neck, and chest. There is a severe lack of non-pharmaceutical solutions for the alleviation of this symptom. The current standard of treatment is Hormone Replacement Therapy which is unpopular due to health risks. 1 million women have quit their jobs in the UK due to menopausal symptoms, and every year, the economy loses 14 billion working days due to menopause.


We are building a holistic smart digital platform for menopausal women offering personalised relief and therapies, community-focused AMAs, clinician-approved advice, and a Menopause Marketplace. We are currently building our first product, Coolzen – a smart, wearable device for menopausal women suffering from Hot Flashes. It works by automatically reacting to the onset of a hot flash and leverages a natural physiological response in the human body to bring relief.


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