A social networking platform for academics, students and professionals.


Those from a higher socio-economic status (SES) obtain university places more than those from non-privileged backgrounds. We overcome the social barriers through an open Uber-style platform, matching experts to students to assist them with their applications. We rank top on Google for terms such as ‘free medical personal statement reviews’, highlighting our popularity.

Similarly, in medical school, CV-enriching opportunities are not easily accessible to students. Remarxs allows academics to publish ‘projects’ to a noticeboard; students find projects they are interested in and apply. Universities oversee all ongoing projects within their institution and the student-academic connection. This provides equal career development opportunities for all.

Solution serves university students who need access to career enriching opportunities; and academics who need student support on their projects. Remarxs help current students find and complete projects to advance their careers via our projects database. Remarxs help academics by allowing them to independently post opportunities and form diverse teams. Both groups benefit from our bespoke project management system.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Remarxs has ceased trading.

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