Helper Bees

Supporting exhausted parents of newborns with adhoc short term household support.


Coming home with a new baby is overwhelming. Many parents hit a wall of exhaustion and may want a bit of help so they can just catch their breath, but don’t want to sign up a full time nanny or invite a relative to stay with them. 

Some need assistance with the newborn, others with the older children and others may just want to focus on the baby while someone else takes over the household chores for a few days. 

In the first few weeks, its natural for parents, even those who have done it before to have tons of questions about feeding, sleep, nappies and all sorts. Though health visitors are available, nothing beats having someone on hand when the question pops into your head. 


Helper Bees employed only student nurses and midwives with the right skills and training to help these families. Our helpers were able to look after the new-borns, the older children, cook, clean and support with new parent concerns such as breast feeding and low mood. Their nursing background put them in a position to signpost or reassure parents who had questions about the newborn period. We offered short packages of care from a six hour package to forty eight hours that could be divided over two weeks (Including overnight help). 

In our third year Helper Bees started to employ students of learning disability nursing to support families needing half term and holiday support with children who have neuro disabilities. 


  • Tamara Bugembe – Founder

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Helper Bees has ceased trading.

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