Guna Organics

Vertical integration of organic farming and solar technology, providing organic solar dried products to modern customers.


Climate change and soil degradation is posing a major threat to World’s food and environmental security resulting from the loss in the biological or productive capacity of soil. The biggest problem we are addressing is lack of market linkages and availability of low-cost clean energy tools for the farmers.


We work with the most genuine organic women farmers from remote eco villages of Ladakh, use solar technology for post-harvest management. We reduce waste by providing locally made, low cost, portable, women friendly solar dryers for adequate drying of agro produce, it increases shelf life up to 2 years. Once dried we package them neatly in paper and market them through our channels. We uplift marginal Indian women farmers, our interventions have recorded livelihoods enhancement by 33%, reverse migrations, the region is flash flood free since 2018, the soil quality is better and the water system is improving.


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