Greenspark (previously Mamoq)

Instant climate action with every transaction.


Sustainability is a mega-trend in business that can not be ignored anymore. Consumers, mainly Gen Z and Millennials, are demanding change from businesses they support. Finally, businesses are waking up to this fact, with almost half of companies today seeing sustainability as a critical part of their growth plans. Brands want to align themselves with a positive impact, but find it challenging to know which one to choose, do not have the internal capacity to manage it and lack the ability to share their sustainability story effectively.


Greenspark is an Impact as a Service platform that allows every business to embed positive impact directly into the tech stack they already use. We like to think of it as Klarna meets Zapier for impact. Our intuitive platform allows time-poor companies to easily take climate action that boosts key metrics and strengthens brand perception. Businesses integrate our platform, track their progress, share it with key stakeholders and then reap the rewards, for example with increased conversion rates and lifetime value.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

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