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Category Archive: Spinout

  1. Migration Biotherapeutics Ltd

    We serve surgeons who operate on brain tumours in adults with a decoy nerve for Glioblastoma.

  2. VIRion

    Uncovering novel antiviral drug targets by embracing neuroscience tools and know-how in the context of virology.

  3. Rev.eye.talise Robotics

    Micro-surgical robotics that deliver regenerative therapies to the human retina.


    Digital pathology platform that uses deep learning to transform the assessment of breast cancer for pathologists.

  5. HearTech+

    Early cardiac screening using a small-scaled device and embedded novel algorithm.

  6. Hand Intelligence Ltd

    We develop disruptive technologies of robot fingers that provide high-resolution haptic feedback to the user.

  7. Echoes

    Unlock patient empowerment and creativity by giving thousands of humans the opportunity to record, benchmark and share their heart sounds.


    Digitally supported intervention for men who misuse substances and perpetrate intimate partner abuse.

  9. STOP: Successful Treatment of Paranoia

    An app for people struggling with paranoia: turning the bad thoughts good.

  10. Urban Mind

    Platform which enables researchers and practitioners to develop custom-made user-friendly smartphone apps for measuring people’s experiences and behaviours in real time.