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Plant-based ice cream for a new generation of ice cream lovers.


Supermarket ice cream flavour profiles lack variety, resulting in a homogenously uninspiring offer. 48% of UK consumers say they want more inspiring ice cream flavours characterised by higher quality ingredients. Most ice cream sold today is dairy-based, which has a negative planet impact; dairy milk omits 3x more GHG than plant-based.


The future of ice cream is dairy free. Combining science, creativity and craft, we make plant-based ice cream that delights the senses by flavour forecasting to invent uniquely delicious scoops and memorable and nostalgic moments with sharing. Our vision and values are to maximise our people’s impact and minimise the planet’s impact.


  • Natalie McWilliam – Founder & CEO

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Black Milq has ceased trading.

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