Attollo Lingerie

Lingerie for fuller-bust women that is more stylish, beautiful, and confident.


9.1 million women in the UK are D+ and market research has shown that 81 per cent of them do not like bras available in their sizes and 52 per cent do not like being fitted for a bra in a store environment. Lingerie available for D+ women is frumpy, beige and matronly, making these women feel self-conscious and unstylish.


Attollo’s range is co-designed with customers, putting their needs at the forefront of the design process, revolutionising the way our lingerie is made and giving D+ women lingerie that they are finally excited to wear. Tailored to our small band, large cup niche, our bras give unrivaled uplift.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Attollo Lingerie has ceased trading.

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