Digitally supported intervention for men who misuse substances and perpetrate intimate partner abuse.


Men with substance use problems are more likely to perpetrate IPA, but our research found a lack of referral pathways in community and criminal justice, meaning they were excluded from existing perpetrator programmes despite their higher risk. Existing programmes do not address the specific risks for these men. Our research found IPA frequently occurred when intoxicated, in withdrawal, craving or when acquiring drugs. ADVANCE-D is a targeted integrated intervention that addresses the risks of men with substance use problems who perpetrate IPA. Without ADVANCE-D these men and their (ex)-partners would not get support. Our research found trained staff can safely deliver ADVANCE-D. Scaling up ADVANCE-D requires a sustainable training and accreditation programme to meet increased capacity.


ADVANCE-D is strengths-based, incorporating an understanding of gendered power dynamics and reflecting the complex links between substance use and IPA perpetration. ADVANCE-D is the only UK programme for substance users that includes self-directed website sessions with a digital coach (avatar) and will be the first to train/accredit facilitators online and offer ongoing integrity support.


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